Our promise is to offer products made by passions to satisfy all-level riders for its  progressiveness and high performance.

In the last couple of years, foiling opened a new era and vision of water sports. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, TAKUMA CONCEPT has become a real innovative brand known as the first Europe SUP & Hybrid foil brand. Our objectif now is to give as many people as possible opportunities to discover such an incredible feeling of flying...

We create our products with a worldwide R&D team. Daily testing and its feed backs are from all over the globe : France, Japan, Tahiti & New Caledonia. We get the best  and various conditions to develop a full range of hydrofoils and foilboards which fit into everybody's riding style and conditions.

The next level of our integrity as a company/a salt water player is to take our ecological responsibilities with a collaboration of our factories and our ocean minded team. We always try our best to look for greener ways to make and finish our products. 

In this huge play ground that the ocean is offering, one can experience himself deeper, discovering and re-discovering inner-self, feeling fully on and above the water. We would like to offer simply good products for everyone to easily have this experience.